About The B.E.E.F.

The fastest growing and most exciting affinity programme for small and medium businesses in the UK. Real tangible benefits that will repay your membership many times over.


Business affinity organisations have lost their way. They have become mere "talking shops" whilst providing very few practical benefits. If you are frustrated with them, then The B.E.E.F. is for you. The B.E.E.F. was formed by business people for business people! We have listened to what you need to successfully run your business. B.E.E.F. up your benefits and save.


The B.E.E.F. directors are business people from a wide range of small, medium and large businesses. With the combined contacts and experience from many years in industry, finance, and insurance, we have built a truly unique membership organisation.

We talk to you!

If you believe your current membership organisation has become distant and remote, join The B.E.E.F! We ask you what you want. We talk to you! This is your organisation.