Car and Van Discounts

The process for ordering cars or vans via the B.E.E.F. is SIMPLE. We suggest Members get a quotation from their local dealership first, in order to obtain their accurate specification and pricing first. SIMPLY email your quotation(s) to, or contact Douglas Day on 01638 751372, and we will provide your BEEF vehicle quotation with 48 hrs; We guarantee the quote, and provide details of special additional discount programs when available, exclusive to B.E.E.F. Members.

We DON’T RESTRICT numbers to B.E.E.F. Members. All Member employees and family members may use the program too. All B.E.E.F. Members need to is to provide their membership number.

To date, B.E.E.F. Members have saved huge discounts on new car and van purchases, which represents incredible value for a single annual payment of £149.00!