Credit Risk Management

“Protecting Your Business”

Credit Assist has been appointed as The BEEF’s preferred supplier of UK and International credit reports and risk solutions.

Credit Assist is renowned for having the highest data integrity and predictive accuracy of risk ratings and recommended credit limits, comprehensive payment profiles, personalised customer service and bespoke credit risk solutions.

Their credit reports, due diligence data and risk management services will ensure that you are trading with your customers at optimum levels and avoid delinquent payments and bad debts.

What Credit Assist has to offer:

  • UK and International commercial credit reports.
  • Live Ledger Analysis portfolio management platform.
  • Ledger Management.
  • Critical Fraud Intelligence.
  • Bespoke company monitoring service.
  • Direct XML data feed into client CRM and IT platforms.

Why you need to join Credit Assist:

  • Exclusive BEEF member price discounts of 50% off UK reports and 40% off International reports.
  • Highest data integrity.
  • Broadest Global coverage – a UK and Ireland database of 17.2 million companies and an International database of 365 million companies across 220+ countries.
  • Freshly compiled bespoke reports in countries where online data may be difficult to obtain.
  • 440 million payment experiences collected every month so you can see how companies are paying their other suppliers.
  • Comprehensive company monitoring is delivered by a daily or weekly email alert.
  • 41 events are monitored which you can bespoke to your own specifications.
  • Live Ledger Analysis (LLA) portfolio management platform using live data feed to analyse your customers’ risk, credit limits, payment performance and more.
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Bulk data and direct feed API solutions available.
  • Exceptional and personal customer service with a 96% customer retention rate.
  • Winner of the Credit Excellence Award for ‘Credit Risk, Data and Fraud Prevention’.
  • Winner of the CICM’s ‘Credit Information Provider of the Year’.

To trade with confidence please complete the contact form and your dedicated account manager will contact you via your preferred option to discuss your requirements.