Members Terms and Conditions


This document sets out the terms and conditions of joining The B.E.E.F. (“We” or “Us”).

These terms and conditions are subject to variation from time to time. Variations will be notified on our website – and the latest version of these terms and conditions will be available there.

By joining The B.E.E.F you will meet and be introduced to other members who offer products and services which may be of use to you. If you purchase any product or take any advice or assistance from an affiliate or member of The B.E.E.F., this will be an arrangement purely between yourself and the other party. The B.E.E.F. does not act as agent to introduce services and does not accept any liability for products sold or advice or assistance given by one member or affiliate to another on any matter whatsoever unless such advice or assistance has been approved and authorised by the Operations Director in writing in advance.

The B.E.E.F. does not act as agent to introduce members to these service providers and does not accept any liability for products or services provided by these service providers to members. If members choose to use these services, the arrangement is between the member and the service provider.

The B.E.E.F. reserves the right to amend, withdraw or add any right of membership service, and such amendment shall not give rise to any liability for refund of membership fees paid or require any additional fee to be paid.

Joining the B.E.E.F.

For joiners of The B.E.E.F., upon acceptance of your application the date of joining will be the date of submission of your application, and future subscriptions will be due on this date each year. Subscriptions fees are reviewed annually and the current fees are provided on The B.E.E.F. website. By submitting an application form online, you are deemed to have signed the application form.


You may resign from The B.E.E.F. at any time in writing to: Customer Services, Winterwood House, Needham Street, Gazeley, Suffolk CB8 8RR; or email Please note that only written resignations can be accepted.

For paid subscriptions refunds (either in whole or in part) will only be made if resignation is received up to a maximum of 28 days after the due subscription has been paid.

Joining of the B.E.E.F is on the basis of being a company, business entity, or other organisation

The B.E.E.F. does not accept liability for any advice given to affiliate or member either by other affiliates, The B.E.E.F. employees or anyone purporting to act on behalf of The B.E.E.F. Any advice provided to affiliates or members is intended as initial guidance only and should not be relied upon or acted upon as substantive advice by the third party, who should seek appropriate independent professional advice according to the nature of their problem.

Within 14 days of completing your application you will be contacted by one of our personnel with further details of our benefits and by submitting your application you give your consent for us to contact you.

The B.E.E.F. reserves the right to refuse any application to join, in which case your application fee will be refunded

On cancellation taking effect, or on other termination, the benefits of the joining package will cease and you will not be entitled to the benefit of any part of the package which was due to be provided or fulfilled after the date of such cancellation/termination.

How we communicate with you

When you join the B.E.E.F. you provide us with your personal details including your address and email, and by doing so, you are consenting to the B.E.E.F. processing this personal information.

You may, at any time, update and amend your preferred method(s) of communication, opt out of receiving communications from The B.E.E.F., change your contact details or set your email preferences, by contacting 01638 751372.


We take your privacy very seriously. Occasionally, in order to enhance your affiliation or membership to The B.E.E.F., we may provide selected information (excluding ‘sensitive personal data’) to other organisations who have been selected to provide services to Federation members. This will only be done, however, when the Federation has approved by licence or other agreement the way in which those organisations will use such personal data, with a view to improving the value of Federation membership and at all times in accordance with the B.E.E.F’s Privacy Policy and after you have provided your explicit consent.

If you do not wish other organisations to receive any information about you, you may, at any time, please contact

By using The B.E.E.F. website, you consent to and agree to comply with the terms outlined above.


The provision of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1996 are expressly excluded from the contract between us, so that no third party may claim any rights under this contract. This contract is governed under England and Wales, and English Courts have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising out or under it.